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Blockade runners are a subset of Tech 2 industrial ships known as Transports and are the fastest industrial available. Sacrificing cargo space for speed, these haulers travel and align faster than cruisers and can fit covert ops cloaking device allowing them to warp cloaked.

They are designed to haul expensive shit fast through Empire, lowsec and 0.0 unscouted. They feature a fast alignment time, a warp speed of 9AU/s, and their expanded grid allows them to fit a 10MN MWD. If under fire, T2 resists, cruiser HP, and half the signature radius of their T1 counterparts provides time to get out. With these advantages, blockade runners are rarely lost outside of pilot error or a very competent bubble camp.

Amarr Prorator
Caldari Crane
Gallente Viator
Minmatar Prowler

[edit] Recommended skills

The following navigation skills are highly recommended:

  • Navigation V
  • Evasive Maneuvering V
  • High Speed Maneuvering IV
  • Acceleration Control IV

Most unrigged blockade runners will exceed 2km/sec with these skills when fit for speed.

[edit] Recommended fittings

Always go Tech II or best named. There are two schools of thought:

  • Fully Expanded: Viators and Prorators have the best cargo capacity and expand well. With Tech I Cargohold Optimizations rigs they can get >10k m3. The drawbacks are increased susceptibility to bubble camps (Expanded Cargoholds have speed penalties). Nevertheless, smart blockade runners should survive every gate camp even when fully expanded.
  • Full Speed: All blockade runners have excellent alignment times and can be made faster by using low slot Nanofibers and Istabs. These are almost impossible to catch and can save time when zipping through Empire. The cargo capacity leaves much to be desired.

Prowlers are noteworthy since they have 2 high slots, giving them more utility. They can serve as hostile moon probers or expensive cynos.

Every dollar shoved into one of these things pays off when ten gate-camping interceptors can't find you, as you happen to have a well-skilled pilot with the best fittings.

[edit] Running Gatecamps in a Blockade Runner


With a blockade runner, dictor bubbles can be escaped with relative ease. When there is no bubble, you are uncatchable. Here's how:

You jump through a gate, and there's 10 interceptors right within disruptor range of you. Either you just cloak and warp off, or if you want to be even safer you pull the covops trick: align on your destination gate, hit your cloak, hit your MWD, all in quick succession. Your MWD will cycle and bring you up to speed, and you hit warp. Done right, nothing will have time to target you, much less reach you in time to decloak you.

When you jump into a dictor bubble, it's the same trick more or less, the only difference is you have to find something suitable to align to. First look for a celestial object in the direction that would take you out of the bubble, if you can't find one then you're going to be heading back to the gate. Same trick as before, align, MWD, cloak, warp (or uncloak and jump back to where you came).

If in doubt, burn back to the gate (overheat your MWD). If you recognize the people camping the gate as knowing their shit, burn back and get out.

Now you're ready to run some gatecamps.